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Kadewere Lands National  Ambassador Role After Mnangagwa Visit

Zimbabwe Warriors player Tino Kadewere recently made headlines after a visit to the Zimbabwe's state house, receiving a backlash from certain circles, and now what seems to be the real behind his visit has emerged, it was for a handover of a top government post.

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa named Tino Kadewere Zimbabwe's Tourism Ambassador at the State House visit in Harare on Wednesday.

Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services, permanent secretary, Nick Mangwana spoke of the appointment Twitter:

Nick Mangwana Twitter:

A Tourism Ambassador for Zimbabwe is someone who is chosen to become a public figure to help improve the tourism and market the culture of this country. Where is the debate again?

Nick Mangwana's said this after some Zimbabweans on social media showed dislike over Tinotenda's visit to State House claiming that he had painted dark his image by visiting someone believed to be a human rights violator.

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