Klopp: You Cannot Force People To Stay – On Salah - Football News (ZW)

Klopp: You Cannot Force People To Stay – On Salah

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Following an interview with a Spanish publication, AS, in which Liverpool's, star-striker, Salah revealed an interest to join Real Madrid or Barcelona in future, team manager Jurgen Klopp has said the club does not keep a player from leaving if they want to move on with their career.

Rumours of Salah wanting a move away from Liverpool have been sprouting amidst of the on-going England Premier League 2020/2021 season, with most reports saying the player is pushing for a move away from Anfield.

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However, Klopp has said that Salah is fine with the club, and actions that made it seem as if Salah was fed up with being at Anfield were usual for any player. But also pointed out that in the event that a player wants to move on, Liverpool would never prevent one from doing so.

Klopp in an interview:

"This is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

We pay good money, maybe not the most in the world, but we pay good, and we have a sensational stadium, outstanding supporters with a fanbase all over the world.

Mahommed Salah
Mo Salah: Pic Credit Reuters

So our colours are red, which is the nicest colour anyway, so what is the reason? But you cannot force people to stay but that is it.

We never did by the way, it is all about timing in the right moments, stuff like this. We have made changes to bring players in and if someone wants to leave we cannot hold them back." Quote from News Pindula.

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