ZIFA To Pay Warriors At-least RTGS$200 Each For World Cup 2022 Qualifying Matches - Football News (ZW)

ZIFA To Pay Warriors At-least RTGS$200 Each For World Cup 2022 Qualifying Matches

The Zimbabwe National Team, the Warriors, will begin their FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifiying campaign in September 2019, and the Zimbabwe Football Association has set salaries for players who will play in the rounds, first, against North-East Africa side Somalia.
Zimbabwe vs Somalia news 2019
The players are guaranteed, each, only RTGS$200 (around USD$20.00) for making an appearance in a match in the World Cup Qualifiers, and the amount has been described as horrible by football pundits.
But some have defended ZIFA's move, taking into consideration the board's past failures to meet 'player payments' due to varying financial challenges, with the Africa Cup of Nations Egypt 2019 as the recent incident on which ZIFA failed to pay players on time, and the result was instability in the Zimbabwe Warriors camp.
The amount for winning a match has been set at RTGS$1000.00 (around USD$100.00) and for a draw RTGS$500.00 (which around USD$50.00).
Warriors Goalkeeper Chipezeze
Warriors Keeper: Chipezeze

The players will get $85 in match allowances per day on away matches, and $75 on home matches.
And, accompanying the new earnings, is a contract which players have to sign before the start of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, notably with a section restricting players from communicating with the media without ZIFA's approval, the contract reads as follows;
‘’Whereas the ZIFA has called up the Player for national duty, and whereas the Player has accepted the call, it is therefore agreed as follows:

1.2 Match means any match participated in by the National team which has been staged, sanctioned by or played under the auspices of ZIFA.

1.3. National Duty means the period he is with the National Team.

1.4. National Team means the following: the Zimbabwe senior men’s national football team, senior women’s national football team or men’s Under 23 national football team.

The player shall not make any media statements or conduct interviews on the terms and conditions contained herein or any matters specified by the Association without its prior written approval

‘’Shall behave in a professional manner that is not detrimental to the Association, national team, the game or sport and the Zimbabwean national in general with unsportsmanlike or other such conduct;

‘’The Association shall:

3.1. Deposit the agreed remuneration benefits into the Player’s bank account as in when funds are available and when the duty has been performed. However, the Association can opt to pay before performance of duty provided funds are available.

3.2. Supply all playing apparel (excluding footwear and goalkeeping gloves);

3.3. Arrange adequate accommodation, transportation and all relevant needs for the Player during national duty;

3.4. To ensure that the Player’s needs are covered during National Duty

‘’The Association shall remunerate the Player in local currency (ZW$) as follows: Local daily allowance $ 75; Foreign daily allowance $ 85; Appearance $200; Winning bonus $ 1000; Draw Bonus $ 500.’’

Source: The Herald - Original Article Written by Robson Sharuko Senior Sports Editor

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