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See - FIFA Unveils World Cup Qatar 2022 Emblem

Today FIFA revealed it's new emblem for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Tournament (to be played in Qatar).
FIFA displayed the World Cup's emblem onto a number of Qatar's capital city, Doha, landmark venues.
World Cup Emblems
WC 2022 Emblem
FIFA explained the meaning of the emblem, saying the “design embodies the vision of an event that connects and engages the entire world, while also featuring striking elements of local and regional Arab culture and allusions to the beautiful game.”
And the curves on the emblem stand for the “undulations of desert dunes” while the unbroken loop depicts both the number eight – which recognises the stadiums which will play host to World Cup matches – as well as the infinity symbol “reflecting the interconnected nature of the event”.

A new design that unique compared to the previous FIFA World Cup emblems, was meant to 'reimagine the traditional Arabic calligraphy in a new, and modern font' and is inspired by the Middle East (home to Qatar). Source 
Meanwhile, in the preliminary round qualifiers of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Zimbabwe will play Somalia in a two legged encounter, read more here

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