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Ngezi Platinum to dismiss two senior players because of 'salary-strike'

Ngezi Platinum's Captain, Liberty Chakoroma, and Simba Nhivi will today receive letters of dismissal from the club for allegedly leading a salary-strike last week, according to 'The Herald'.

Another senior club player involved in influencing the action, Xolisani Moyo will remain at the club but will be sanctioned.

Erol Akbay - Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League Ngezi Platinum
Img: Soccer24 Ngezi Platinum
Players had refused to take part in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League match against TelOne at Baobab if the club had refused to reconsider their salaries. 

Last week, the top-paid player at Ngezi Platinum was said to be earning only $900 (most likey in RTGS$ currency which translates to around US$ 200.00, and players were also reportedly asking for payments to be in US Dollars).

“As a club, we were very surprised and disappointed by the actions of a few of our players on the 3rd of May 2019 when they embarked on an illegal industrial action demanding a revision of their conditions of service,’’ Ngezi Platinum said in a statement.

“This action was taken while negotiations were underway and under circumstances where we didn’t owe them anything.

“Pursuant to the illegal industrial action we had to institute disciplinary proceedings involving the players in question, leading to two of our senior players leaving the club.’’

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