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Kirsty Coventry - Cosafa shouldn't threaten Zimbabwe

Earlier on Cosafa threatened that it would fine Zimbabwe for ditching hosting Coasafa Challenge Cup 2019 unless an agreement for the country to host the 2020th edition of the tournament is reached.

Or else it would get sanctioned, by a $200,000 fine ($150,000 on condition), plus suspension from the organisation.

Kirsty Coventry who is Zimbabwe's minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation has come out to say Zimbabwe will not be cornered into making any deal that is not beneficial to the country in any way, her statements on her Twitter Account:


1. No guarantees were ever signed for 2019 or 2020.
2. You cannot threaten an Association with a Fine to force them to host an event.
If #Cosafa Deal for 2020 is GOOD for Zim, we host. If BAD (like 2019), it won't happen.

176 11:33 PM - May 1, 2019

The Cosafa Challenge Cup 2019 is now being hosted by South Africa, starting on 25 May (2019), and the Zimbabwe Warriors will be part of the competition.

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