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Xbox One S Announced- Release Date - Pricing

Official: Microsoft will launch an  'Xbox One S' which will be a 'diskless' all digital console. The announcement was made during an episode of Inside Xbox on (Thursday 17 April 2019).

Xbox One S gaming console will have a 1 TB (Tera Byte) hard drive and it'll cost USD$250.00.

Microsoft will recieve price drops as necessary that will make it always cheaper than the standard Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S console will be released on 7 May 2019

Microsoft’s Lawrence Hryb said on the launch announcement,

“We expect to maintain at least a $50 difference between Xbox One S and the all-digital version during sales,

That means that while the price of the Xbox One S All-Digital is technically $250, it will sometimes be less than that."

We'll soon post were you can make your pre-orders and more updates

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