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Liverpools Mohamed Salah Season Halves Compared In Stats

Mahomed Salah is one of Liverpool's players who are at the forefront of the club's race to win the 2018-19 England Premier League Championship, he is  joint club's top goal scorer along with fellow striker, Sadio Mane, at 17 Premier League goals.

But, Salah has been out his goal-scoring-form in the the later half of the England Premier League season, leading to stern criticism in the media, and statistics are proving that he indeed has, recently, been below par-perfomance.

Here are some stats comparing Mahomed Salah's first 16 games (in the Epl 2018-19 season) to his most recent 16 matches in the league.

In the first 16 games of the England Premier League, Mohamed Salah scored 10 goals,  his strike rate for Liverpool was 130.9 minutes.

But, having played more minutes (116 minutes) in the second half of the England Premier League season, Salah has scored only 7 goals (3 goals fewer than the 10 from the first half of the EPL season).

Mohomed Salah's strike rate is 203.6 minutes in his 16 second half of epl season games.

Mahomed Salah has taken 52 shots in his most recent 16 games compared to 57 of the first half 16 games of the season.

With 25 shots on target in his recent 16 matches compared to 27 from the first half of the season.

Mahomed Salah's  conversion rate has dropped down to 13.5% to 17.5 per in his past 16 games.

Mahomed Salah has created only 23 chances to score for team-mates in his recent 16 games. Salah has 1 fewer assist in the recent 16 games.

Liverpool will play Southampton today at 21:00 in an England Premier League encounter. Source

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