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Dynamos pays Epoupa debt to avoid FIFA sanctions

According to The Herald, Dynamos has managed to avoid FIFA sanctions after they paid former striker, Christian Joel Epoupa(26) whom the team owed US$16 775 in unpaid salaries and bonuses.

The case between Dynamos and FIFA was being tried by the Dispute Resolution Chamber which was led by  Briton Geoff Thompson, and DeMbare was set to be hit with sanctions that were yet to be revealed in case of incompliance.

However, Dynamos were made to pay US$22 722 because of interests.

Epoupa spoke to the media after Dynamos made his payment:

It’s OK now boss. Firstly, I want to thank the Lord, the Footballers’ Union of Zimbabwe who accompanied me in this battle and my agent Gilbert Sengwe,’’ he said.

“It was long, but today we won and I am very happy.

“I would like to say thank you again to the FUZ and I commend them for what they do for footballers, in particular, and football in general.

“Through their president Desmond (Maringwa), they should continue like that and one thing is for sure, minds will change in football.

“I have moved on. Zambia is fine, but I do not intend to end here. I have other projects which I am aiming at and with the grace of GOD it will work out.’’

Former Dynamos midfielder, Desmond Maringwa praised Dynamos' executive for settling the debt.

We are happy that, finally, the player got his dues and I must commend the current Dynamos executive for fulfilling their commitment to pay,’’ he said.

“They paid the money in full. They could have appealed to CAS, but the costs of doing so are a bit on the high side.

“So, they had no option, but to pay the player and they managed to beat the 30-day deadline.

“If they had failed to comply they would have fallen victim to the full wrath of the FIFA statutes. In such cases a club may have points docked, relegated or have other stiffer penalties imposed on them.’’

Maringwa also said the matter serves as inspiration for other clubs in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League to meet their contractiual obligations with players.

I think our clubs should be honest enough with their players to tell them exactly what’s there and try to be professional in all their dealings.

“If they don’t have the kind of money demanded by the player it is better to agree on a payment plan and stick to it.

“Football issues don’t have to be referred to labour courts or to FIFA all the time.

“The clubs should always strive to find mutual understanding with their players. Contractual issues need to be taken seriously,” he said.

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