Scott Parker named caretaker manager at Fulham FC after Ranieri sack - Pundits Fume - Football News (ZW)

Scott Parker named caretaker manager at Fulham FC after Ranieri sack - Pundits Fume

Scott Parker was yesterday announced the Caretaker Manager at Fulham Football Club after former club manager Claudio Ranieri was sacked following his call to a board meeting.

Claudio Ranieri was sacked after only  managing 16 matches at Fulham FC, the club's board had hoped that the former England's Premier League winner, and Chelsea FC manager, would strategise a climb for the team from the relegation zone. However, he only managed to pick up 9 league points from a possible 51, (3/19 matches), bringing Ranieri's win rate at Fulham to a mere 17.64%.

Football 'Pundits' have generally critisised the decision by Fulham FC to sack Claudio Ranieri, Ian Holloway, speaking on Friday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast said:

“What can you do in that time?

“Crazy. I think it’s crazy. It’s a travesty that you can change managers so quickly.

“I think [Fulham’s tough return to the top flight] has been more about their style of play.

“Jokanovic did a brilliant job at Fulham, they dominated the ball when they got up out of the Championship. They were so good in that period, wonderful, you couldn’t get the ball off them.

“But you can’t do that in the Premier League and that was the problem, Jokanovic still tried to do that.

“They’ve had all sorted of issues. When you spend that amount of money when you first go up, you can cause a problem in the dressing room." TalkSport

Scott Parker, former assisant of Claudio Ranieri at the Fulham FC, Chelsea FC & Tottenham Hotspurs Central Midfielder, takes over the club as interim manager with only 17 premier league points, on position 19, with only 12 tough matches remaining in the league to save the team from getting relegated to England's Championship division.

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