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Ngezi Platinum Stars FC Players Doing Well With High Tempo Play - Erol Akbay

Erol Akbay, Ngezi Platinum Stars FC head coach, says his quick football is doing well at the club.

Erol Akbay was appointed head coach at Ngezi Platinum Stars FC earlier in 2019 months before the start of the Zimbabwe Castle Lager Premier Soccer League season, and he seems impressed with the way players are adjusting to his football style.

In an interview with the sports media, he said;

“Slowly the game that I want is coming out. From the back side to the mid, it is very good.

“Only from the midfielder to the strikers we are still struggling too much,” said Akbay.

Erol Akbay said the Ngezi Platinum FC players where beginning to understand his style, well.

“The basic is already there and what we have to do now is to focus on details. We are there a bit and we definitely can’t build the whole team in a few weeks.

“The boys gave everything to make sure they want to learn something and that is a positive thing.

“They are not complaining, they are willing to do everything and I think we have a very good team with our boys.

“I am not complaining about them, they are doing exactly what I want.
“As a coach I can only be proud of these boys,” said the coach.

Ngezi will be traveling to Gibbo in Akbay’s first match in charge.
“It’s still three weeks before the season begins and I hope that my players will be ready by then.

“We are still focusing on how we want to play, how we want to defend and the tempo we want.

“About who we will play, I don’t care for now. We have to still learn and we are only focusing on that.

“From everybody who we will get to play against, I don’t care what I know is I will win.

“We are facing Triangle first, that’s good, and even if it was another team I would still say the same.

“For me who we play is not important, we are going to win against everybody,” said the former Highlanders gaffer.
The coach also said he is having hard time picking the first 11 as the competition is hot at Baobab.

“I still don’t have my final eleven in my head, even up to now. I have still no idea who is playing because the boys are giving me so much and they are all good.

“I have no idea. I have 20 years experience and I am still thinking who the first team material is.

“At the beginning it was very clear, and I was thinking this guy and this guy is the first eleven. It was really clear and I had no problem on that but now the competition is really stiff.

“In each and every game I am surprised by these players and that is why by this time I have no idea who will be in the first team.

“Everybody wants to be in the first eleven and they are all doing their very best to impress me, playing good football.

“The second team is now winning more matches and I am wondering,”
“I saw the boys today and they were looking very tired and maybe because of the training they were doing in the past week.

“They said coach can you give us slower training and I said I should give them the slow training so that they recover and they were happy with my response,” he said.

“Preseason going good so far, the tempo we train is sometimes heavy for these guys and I understand it.
“It is difficult to get my training programme but every coach has their own way of doing things and I also do it my way.

“And sometimes for the players they have to get used soon. It takes time and we have to give them time as well,” he added. Hmetro.

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