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Highlanders FCs Bekithemva Ndlovu Worried About Club Unpreparedness

Bekithemba Ndlovu, Highlanders FC assistant coach, worried of club’s unpreparedness two weeks before the start of the 2019 Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League season.

"Most of the players are not with the team because of some things they need to solve with the management. These things are affecting everyone, not only the technical team but the team as a whole.

"The players are losing out a lot from what is happening now. From my experience, what I know is games will be played as per schedule.

"If this is over and next week we start to play the league, I am not sure that we will be ready to play. The league will start and they won’t wait for us to put our house in order.

"Hopefully, the players will iron out their grievances with the team management and they will be back as soon as yesterday. Time is not on our side. We have lost a lot of time.

"We need to prepare, failing to prepare I think is preparing to fail. Pre-season is six to eight weeks and we need to make good use of that time. Most of the players that we had in camp are not training with the team now.

"Our pre-season has been disturbed so much and it’s a big concern for us," said Bekithemba Ndlovu after Highlander's FC 4 - 0 loss to Chicken Inn FC."

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