Highlanders FC Players Receive Salaries - Traning Can Resume - Football News (ZW)

Highlanders FC Players Receive Salaries - Traning Can Resume

Highlanders FC has finally paid its outstanding salaries to its players, a much awaited development for the club's preparations for the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League 2019 season.

However, some Highlanders FC's players are yet to receive their salaries due to a 'technical-glitch' experienced by the club's bank.

Highlanders FC Statement:

The players have been paid, but it appears there was a technical glitch with the (banking) system. Some of them were omitted for the February pay schedule and they have said they will not return to training until everything has been fixed. Newsday.

Highlanders FC's players were on a salary strike that had lasted for almost three weeks and were refusing to train, and assistant coach Bekhithemba Ndlovu a few days ago expressed worry over the circumstances at the club.

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