Dynamos FC on the brink of a huge financial revival - Gold Leaf Tobacco sponsorship - Football News (ZW)

Dynamos FC on the brink of a huge financial revival - Gold Leaf Tobacco sponsorship

Gold Leaf Tobacco (a multi-national tobacco products company) and  Dynamos Football Club are set to sign a sponsership deal, (in Gold Leaf  Tobacco will render a sponsorship package to Dynamos FC).

Gold Leaf Tobacco is owned by Simon George Rudland.

The sponsership deal between Dynamos FC and Gold Leaf Tobacco will according to reports last for five years (until 2023).

For now, Dynamos Football Club and Gold Leaf Tobacco have signed a non-disclosure clause until an official unveiling of the sponsorship deal.

Dynamos FC have already received $150 000 from Gold Leaf Tobacco in past week that is meant for the signing-on fees for new players and salaries for January and February.

Gold Leaf Tobacco will sponsor Dynamos FC through Rudland and George cigarette brands.

However, Tinashe Farawo, Dynamos Football Club's spokesperson,  yesterday refused to give information on the deal.

Obviously people can speculate. They have been speculating for some time, with some linking us to a mega-deal with Lafarge yet we had never spoken to them.

“Of course negotiations with potential sponsors have been taking place but at the moment there is nothing to talk about. Apparently, I am not the one who announce sponsorship deals and issues of that nature. When we reach that time, the chairman will let you know,” said Tinashe Farawo. Herald ZW.

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