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Chicken Inn FC - We Will Not Pay Dynamos FC A Cent For V11 - Valentine Kadonzvo

Dynamos FC and Chicken Inn FC are still caught-up in a player-transfer battle involving winger Valentine Kadonzvo.

Chicken Inn FC have rejected Dynamos FC's proposed USD$8.000 player transfer fee to settle the matter involving the fugitive player, but Chicken Inn FC are refusing the claim.

Valentine Kadonzvo allegedly lied to his contractor, Dynamos FC, that he was leaving the club for a scholarship in the United States of America, but only went to Bulawayo to join Zimbabwe Castle Lager Premier Soccer League rival team Chicken Inn FC.

Reportedly, earlier on, Chicken Inn FC tried to pay Dynamos FC $2 500 as a counter offer, but 'Dembare' refused to take the payment.

And, now Chicken Inn FC are not willing to pay anything to Dynamos FC claiming Valentine Kadonzvo joined the club as a free agent.

"We do not have any issue with Dynamos; in fact, we are not giving them anything because when the player came here, he had a clearance letter that is why we went on to sign him,"  Tavengwa Hara, secretary-general to Chicken Inn FC, said to Standardsport.

"We are not paying attention to that. Imagine if the player had joined a lower division team, would they demand money from that team?

"What if he had really gone to the US and played for another team, would they go on to demand money?

"I think there is no issue here and we are not concerned about that because the player made a choice to join us." Bulawayo24.

Senior team-players who have left Dynamos FC going to Chicken Inn FC ahead of the Zimbabwe Premier Season League season 2019 include;  Kudzanai Nyakasaka, Phakamani Dube and Bret Amidu.

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