News: ZPSL - Highlanders FC players on strike - Football News (ZW)

News: ZPSL - Highlanders FC players on strike

Highlanders FC players are reportedly refusing to train amidst the ongoing preparations for the upcoming Zimbabwe Castle Lager Premier League Soccer season. The reason for the strike is delayed or non-payment of salaries

Chronicle ZW spoke to one of Highlanders FC's players regarding the player-salary-strike:

"It’s simple, we want our January salaries. Of course, we understand that the club is still talking to sponsors, but our landlords don’t care about that; they just want their rentals paid.
We also have to feed our families and people who’ve been bailing us out are also getting fed up.

"What we’ve agreed to is that we will only start training when our January salaries have been paid. The treasurer (Ndebele) told us that the latest we can get our money is next week Tuesday and we said fine, we will report for work, but will not train.
We know that Caps United have made a plan and paid their players January salaries, why can’t the club also do the same."

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