News: Dynamos FC - Chigowe Names New Captain(s) - Football News (ZW)

News: Dynamos FC - Chigowe Names New Captain(s)

Edward Sadomba (35), will captain Dynamos FC in the 2019 Zimbabwe Castle Lager Premier League. His vice-captain will be Jimmy Tigere.

Dynamos Football Club head coach Lloyd Chigowe had the following to say on the assignments;

"We will have a lot of youngsters at Dynamos this season and they need to have a leader who is experienced. That leader for us is Sadomba.
People should not misread my statements when I say I want to build the team around Sadomba. If you have one guy who is 35 and the other player who is say 30 and the rest are youngsters, does that mean your squad's average age is 35?"

"We are looking for the right blend of youth and experience and I am happy with how things are shaping up. Dynamos being Dynamos it has to fight for honours and the majority of the fans think that way. We will try to meet their (fans) expectations but there's need for patience." Bulawayo24

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