News: Chicken Inn FC clears name after signing Valentine Kadonzvo who duped Dynamos FC - Football News (ZW)

News: Chicken Inn FC clears name after signing Valentine Kadonzvo who duped Dynamos FC

Chicken Inn FC have justified their position on signing now former Dynamos FC midfielder, Valentine Kadonzvo, who reportedly duped his former contractor.

Valentine Kadonzvo allegedly lied to Dynamos FC that he had acquired a Scholarship to go and study in the United States of America in a plot to have his Dynamos' contract terminated. Dynamos FC then terminated their contract with Kadonzvo in faith that the player would be quitting the ZPSL for the USA. Kadonzvo's contract was still valid for a year at the time of cancellation. Dynamos FC only learnt a few days later that the player signed a contract with Chicken Inn FC. Dynamos FC's technical team feel that Chicken Inn FC should have acted “professionally” by enquiring more about the player’s status.

Chicken Inn FC's chairman Lifa Ncube spoke to the local sports news media to clear the club's name,

“He (Kadonzvo) came with a genuine clearance letter, a ‘To Whom It May Concern’ document signaling that he was looking for a job.

“They (Dynamos) issued the clearance letter and when a player comes in with such kind of a document, chances are you don’t question it. “How Kadonzvo got the letter we are not privy”

“Kadonzvo’s case is different from Brett Amidu whom we found out is still an FC Platinum player and we are negotiating with them.” Sunday Mail.

Meanwhile, Dynamos FC reported Valentine Kadonzvo to the Zimbabwe Castle Premier Soccer League board over the incident.

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