Dynamos FC and Chicken Inn FC player-fraudster wrangle toughens - Dembare wants USD8000 - Football News (ZW)

Dynamos FC and Chicken Inn FC player-fraudster wrangle toughens - Dembare wants USD8000

Dynamos FC were earlier on at the beginning of 2019 duped into releasing by then, their midfielder Valentine Kadonzvo (25), from the team ahead of the 2019 Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League on the belief that he would be off to the United States of America on a scholarship. Dynamos only found out weeks later that Valentine Kadonzvo would sign for Chicken Inn FC.

Dynamos now want USD$8.000.00 signing fee for Kadonzvo from Chicken Inn FC who were at once close to signing the player for free.

Dynamos FC's public relations executive Tinashe Farawo spoke to the sports news media:

We are in talks with Chicken Inn. We made our position clear to them and they made a counter-offer which we feel is still below the value of the player.

Kadonzvo is worth $8 000 and we cannot accept anything below that.
Technically, he is still our player because he got that clearance fraudulently. He presented to the club falsified acceptance letter from Boston University and accompanying proof that he was going to study at the said university.

Whether Chicken Inn was involved or not, we now believe the young man is such a fraudster. We checked with the said university to see if they indeed had offered him a place to study on a scholarship and they professed ignorance.

The question now is, where did he get the Boston University letterhead and all other related material that he presented to Dynamos?

In fact, the same university revealed there are many African players who are using the same trick in different parts of Africa to get privileges to go to America.

We want to promote transparency and honesty in football. ChronicleZW

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