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Zifa News: Zifa to move likely to the National Sports Stadium

When former Zimbabwe Football Association president Phillip Chiyangwa acquired the top post in Zimbabwe's football arena, Zifa headquarters were moved from the usual affordable Livingstone house to $10,000 a month offices in Chisipite which allegedly belong to the business tycoon.

The new Zifa president, Felton Kamambo has, reportedly, opted to move Zifa from the Chisipite office to the offices at the National Sports Stadium. Likely, Kamambo's intentions are to cut the National Football Association's spending in accordance with new Zifa policies in financial spending. A source at ZIFA told NewZimbabwe news media on Wednesday that Zifa President Felton Kamambo had already made arrangements to move staff  and all operations to the National Sports Stadium over this weekend.

However, the source also revealed that Kamambo cannot relocate to ZIFA House because of the association’s debts.

"Arrangements are already in place for the association to move its operations to offices at the National Sports Stadium because returning to ZIFA House is definitely out of the picture. Returning to ZIFA House will mean that the association is bedevilled by debt collectors which I am sure is what Kamambo is fleeing from like Chiyangwa did when he took over from Cuthbert Dube."

Xolisani Gwesela, Zifa Communications Manager, could confirm of the report that Zifa will be moving, but did not confirm if Zifa's next destination is the National Sports Stadium.

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