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Yadah FC Franchise not for sale

Yadah Stars’ Premiership franchise has been said in reports that it is not for sale amid rumours of disinterest by owner.

Club owner P.W.Magaya according to official media has promised that this year he intends to take a hands-on approach to issues related to the club to try and even fulfil his dream of winning silverware.

There had been rumours from varying sources during the off-season after the end of the 2018 ZPSL Log that the franchise would be put on the market with a number of clubs, notably relegated Nichrut and Bulawayo City, being possible suitors to take purchase the position.

But Magaya, who was disillusioned with the way the club was treated last year he even took a hiatus from bankrolling it leaving that responsibility to his partners, says his love for the club has been rekindled.

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