Latest on Africa Cup of Nations 2019 Hosting; Morocco, South Africa. Caf Announces January Date to Announce Hosts - Football News (ZW)

Latest on Africa Cup of Nations 2019 Hosting; Morocco, South Africa. Caf Announces January Date to Announce Hosts

CAF is set to announce the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations 2019 hosts on 9 January 2019 after its CAF Awards which will be held in the same month. The deadline for countries that would want to submit bids for hosting the tournament is 14 December 2018.

Some of the top prospective countries to host the 2019  cups finals which will be made up of 24 teams have, reportedly,  shown little or no interest at all in submitting bids. Congo Brazzaville which was, according to reports, a top candidate denied the claims & association to the the event through their sports minister Hugues Ngoulondele, "We are six months away from the organisation of the Africa Cup of Nations and it will not be possible for us to organise it with honour and dignity,"

"It's rather quite the opposite, Congo-Brazzaville will not be a candidate, it will not be possible" he said telling RFI.

Also, Egypt decided to back Morocco which is considered a huge  candidate, citing a regional reason.

Other top countries out of the hosting picture include; Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, rumours are that the Comoros FA has called for CAF to implement; Article 92 of the CAF Regulations Act against Cameroon; specifically Section 92.3,

Article 92:
"If an association having been entrusted with the organisation of the final tournament of the Africa Cup of Nations is desisting or the tournament is being withdrawn from it, it shall be subject, in addition to further disciplinary sanctions, to a fine fixed according to the following scale:

92.3. Withdrawal notified within one year before the date of the final tournament: a fine of
five hundred thousand (500,000) U.S. dollars and a suspension of the next edition of AFCON of it’s A national team, without considering the concerned edition".

In the event that CAF goes through with the action and find Cameroon liable, Cameroon will have to pay US$500 000 and face a supsension in the next Afcon (2021), of its A national team.

South Africa and Morocco remain the main prospective candidates to host the 2019 Afcon finals, and the countries are reportedly undergoing procedures to submit bids before December 14. Hosts will be decided and announced by 9 January 2019 by CAF.

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