Former Warriors Star-Fullback recalls earning his first National team call: Unusual & Inspiring - Football News (ZW)

Former Warriors Star-Fullback recalls earning his first National team call: Unusual & Inspiring

George Mbwando who was part of Zimbabwe's first ever side to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations in 2004 shared his story of how he earned his first national side call when he had already given up on his
dream to play for the team.

Prior to his retirement in 2008, George Mbwando in his career mostly played for clubs Germany;

1996–1997 Lech Poznań
1997 Jumbo Giants
1998 Bonner SC
1998–1999 VfB Oldenburg
2000–2002 VfB Lübeck 59 (14)
2002–2004 Alemannia Aachen 55
2004–2006 SSV Jahn Regensburg 41
2006–2008 FC Ingolstadt 04 8 (0)

His first call to play for the warriors was in the year 2000 while playing for VfB Lübeck which was playing in Germany's 3rd Division.

Read his story below:

" And I said if they are not going to call me, I'm going to call myself!!! ..... In 2000 I was playing for VFB Lübeck in the 3. League in Germany which was full professional. Me and Farai Mbidzo were playing some football of our lifetime, but from home nobody ever bothered to follow us up, I had given up my dream of playing in the senior national team. I went home for Summerbreak 2000 and the national team was in camp preparing for a World Cup qualifier against South Africa 3 weeks later. My Friend Shaiso Chiduku always believed that I deserved a chance in the national team but I had forgotten about it already"Chingoenda chete unonotamba zvikaramba zvaramba "said Shai . One of the days he came home to me and said 2 Harare select sides comprised of mainly division 1 players are playing at Tomlinson Depot and from that select they were going to choose a team which was going to play against the national team at Gwanzura Stadium the following weekend . I was on off-season but I was fit to play a game. Someone was supposed to come and pick us up and drive to us to Tomlinson Depot from towm but his car got a break down and he didn't make it in time . We jumped into a combi and walked to the ground from Newlands. We arrived in time and I changed with one of the teams and everyone was surprised to see me but noone bothered to ask. We played the game and until today I feel sorry for some boys I injured, I was just playing this hard physical game which I was used to and it was too much for some of them. I was in team that was going to play against the national team at Gwanzura on the following weekend. We played against the National team playing against my Best Friend Edzai who was playing at the left wing and I said to him im sorry tsano,when I'm coming Jambayi Tsano . I noticed that this typical German "Zweikampf" hard game was too much for the guys because I had my long iron studs (Picture Below) and I was having field day because everyone was afraid to come through the right side.i overlapped and dribbled past 2 opponets and hit a perfect grounder to the far post, it Was a very beautiful goal, I had showed Misheck Marimo all I had. After the game they asked me to jump into the national team bus..." If you want" ?I can remember and Of course I said yes. One week later I earned my first full Cap at the national team against South Africa in FNB stadiums and voted man of the match!
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