(CSL) Chinese Super League to begin capping player salaries. - Football News (ZW)

(CSL) Chinese Super League to begin capping player salaries.

The Chinese Football (CFA) according to China's news agency Xinhua as part of its new regulations on soccer clubs in China, to be set in a document (China Football Association Professional Club Financial Supervision Regulations), will require player salaries to be capped. The move is meant to prevent clubs from spending extravagantly as reported. The regulations will be effective in three leagues in the country, which are the CSL, China League One, & China League Two.

Clubs will also have their expenditures in investment for each season limited along with caps on player bonuses.The spark for the limitation on bonuses came from reports that demoted Guizhou Hangfeng offered players cash bonuses to win matches after a bad start to the 2018 season. The CFA also looks forward to clubs hiring financial advisors in the efforts to avoid overspending & in a bid to have the clubs balance their books. However, the limitations will hardly effect foreign players as the target is set on China's local players who also are supposed to sign labour contracts by the end of 2019 season. There will also be per match bonuses which will be set at the start of the season.

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